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Cafeteria Menus

2019-2020 Lunch Schedule
10:30  Criswell  Dawson
10:35  Merando  Staser
11:00  Pre-K (in rooms)  Campbell  Leek
11:05  Crenshaw  Fuller  King
11:25  Hammonds  Lawson  Rivers
11:30  Griffith  Woodward
11:50  Lee  Tinnon
11:55  Carr  Melville  Poore
12:25  Anglin  Breeden  Wozny
12:30  Locke  Miller
*Guests are welcome for lunch any day of the week.
*Special occaisions (Grandparent’s Week and Thanksgiving Lunch) require reservations.

Breakfast, March 2020

Lunch, March 2020